My most unforgettable character

As a child, I loved to learn about these larger than life characters who inspired someone to write about them.

My most unforgettable character

Willis was a close friend of my father, who was his accountant for many years. My mother has told me many times, how Willis was one of those old fashioned Southerners who had respect for the womenfolk.

I heard his wife of many years passed away not long before I met him. They had five children in the area, the oldest was Robert. Robert is a tall impressive man with a politeness similar to Willis.

The two men had several interests, many of which were monetary.

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I was not privy to their financial aspects because, although my father was their accountant, he remained steadfast in their financial privacy. As you would expect, Pop was a man of integrity. Another of their interests was flying. They both were licensed pilots and each owned their own aircraft.

They would land their aircraft on the grass runway and park them in a row next to the hanger. Then there would be a feast. The family being in the cattle business, always had an ample supply of beef.

Sometime ago they discovered the little one or two seater airplanes, which uses a parachute instead of wings. Willis and Robert both purchased one and decided to make a business of them. They planned to purchase these wholesale and build trailers to sell with them.

This is where I came in. At this time I worked as a Maintenance Electrician at a manufacturing plant. Previously, I worked as a welder building large derricks. From what I gathered at the time, I had envisioned a shop where all I did was weld, and so I asked a princely sum.

It was a bit too much. Later, we talked again, and he decided to hire me to do welding and mechanical work on their equipment. Robert had several pieces of earth moving equipment that I would also maintain.

This was a part-time job where I would work anywhere from 0 to 40 hours a month.

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This job helped me get through the financial crises of the time, and made all the difference in maintaining a family of four good kids versus becoming delinquent in my finances. As I pretty much determined, he was a self-made millionaire dealing with cattle, oil and ranches.


In thinking back, I believe he was at the ripe old age of 93 when I first went to work for him. He had built an airplane hanger with a condominium above it where he lived. Down below is where I worked. I built several of the trailers that he and Robert designed, along with any other work they needed.

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For those of you who have welded in your life, or have done mechanical work, you know how satisfying it is. This was only a part-time job which helped my family during the lean times, but also gave me a great deal of satisfaction.

There were many times he and I would sit in the evenings before I left for home, with pencil, paper and beer, and design something he wanted me to build. We had the same political views and spent no few hours discussing the Conservative viewpoint. Shortly afterI met my wife who is a very sociable person, she can strike up a conversation with a sign post.

I was surprised at the number of people that seemed to come out of the woodwork to see him.

He always purchased a gallon of milk and a hand full of bananas from the ice cream place where I first met him. One Saturday morning when I came in, he took me upstairs to his condo and handed me several pages of his handwriting. I said, What is this?

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Find show info, videos, and exclusive content on A&E. Mondo Mabamba. For the beginning of his great speech, as well as I can remember it: "I'm Mondo Mabamba. I'm president of the Black Widow Party and I been there, Man! I been there. All you honkeys are just like the nahzees only you don't dress as sharp!" Outstanding public speaker, that Mondo.

The unforgettable person is my late sister, Farah Hanan. She is the best sister that I ever have. Farah Hanan was a smart girl in her classroom. She has been passed away about 10 years ago.

She had a lot of friends and everyone love her so much.

My most unforgettable character

She was so pretty and smart. She's tall and thin.

My most unforgettable character

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MY MOST UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTER I looked at the photograph of the two grinning girls wearing party hats and throwing confetti.

I recognized the familiar faces of both of them. The slightly taller girl is my best friend, Farhana and the photograph is just a pinch about the past we both had together.

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