Mobile wood fired pizza business plan

Work through the sections in any order that you want, except for the Executive Summary, which should be done last. Skip any questions that do not apply to your type of business.

Mobile wood fired pizza business plan

Wood fired pizza oven base plans Wood fired oven foundation plans Step 1: Dig the foundation of the wood fired pizza oven. First, you have to lay the foundation on the construction site. It is important to determine the location and the dimensions of the oven from the very beginning.

The depth of the wood fired oven varies according to the soil structure and according to the total weight of your constructions. Wood fired pizza oven foundation plans Step 2: Pour the concrete foundation for the wood fired pizza oven.

mobile wood fired pizza business plan

Next, install a rigid structure of rebars, as you can see in the image. Wood fired oven base plans Step 3: Build the base of the wood fired oven. Let the concrete to dry out for several days and begin laying the walls of the base.

In order to build the walls, you could use either concrete blocks or regular bricks. Next, you should mix a small quantity of mortar and lay the blocks one by one. Pizza oven countertop formwork Step 4: Build the concrete countertop of the base.

First, you should build a basic formwork to support the weight of the concrete. Place a foil over the wooden formwork, otherwise the concrete might slip through the cracks between the boards. Wood fired oven counter-top plans Step 5: Build the concrete countertop of the wood fired pizza oven.

In order to build a durable countertop, we recommend you to reinforce the concrete by installing a rigid net of rebars. Last but not least, you should mix an appropriate quantity of concrete and pour it in the formwork.

Level it with a straight edge along the sides of the form. Wood fired pizza oven plans Wood fired oven cooking floor Step 1:Around the country, mobile wood-fired pizza ovens made of brick and mortar (or) pull into slots at farmers markets and pop-up events.

Online you can find plans to DIY wood-fired ovens with bricks and insulating materials. Wood fired pizza catering and street food.


Make money with wood fired ovens Pizza Party.. Your business pizza catering, pizza on the road, street food, wood fired pizza .

Rolling in the Dough is a comprehensive business plan written to help the mobile wood-fired oven caterer start his or her own business. It is a resource of best practices and insider information as well as a first-hand account of mistakes to avoid.

Leading mobile unit operators explain how to rev up pizza sales and get your business on the fast track to success. By Tracy Morin Tim Younghans, owner of Mama Napoli Pizza in Las Vegas, notes that food truck operations can bring the "wow factor" while still allowing operators maximum mobility and flexibility.

Nov 29,  · I own a mobile catering business, but i do not do wood-fired pizza's. I do BBQ, and many many other items that I can grill, smoke or put on our charcoal/wood fueled rotisserie.

I could not operate my business in PA due to the laws, but I have the full blessing of the HD in my state, and my operation is legal and insurable in almost any other. This article is about wood fired pizza oven lausannecongress2018.comng an outdoor wood fired oven is a dream and a challenge for any one, as finding the right plans to fit your needs could be really difficult.

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