Genetically modified seeds essay

July 19, GradeMiners Now that our grocery stores are packed with genetically modifies food, more commonly referred to as GMOs, chances are sooner or later your teacher will probably ask you to write a genetically modified food essay. Here are some tips to guide and help you in writing a quality essay. Analyze the subject and look up key definitions choose a point of view on the subject research on the topic and take down notes write a draft edit and rewrite the essay Analyzing the Subject This step is very critical in getting to understand your subject.

Genetically modified seeds essay

Custom Genetically Modified Food and Crops essay paper writing service Buy Genetically Modified Food and Crops essay paper online Abstract Genetic modification of crops and food stuffs is one of the major controversial debates in the world.

There have been doubts on the safety of genetically modified foods especially in the area of human health and environmental degradation. Many people have Genetically modified seeds essay that their health could experience unforeseeable effects by altering the genetic content of a plant.

Genetic modification might have resulted to the growing of pesticide and herbicide tolerant plants but the new technology has dangerous effects on human health and the environment. Genetic modification of crops has led to reduced effectiveness of herbicides and pesticides, transfer of genes to species that are not targeted, and has caused harm to important organisms.

It has also caused allergies to most people in different parts of the world and raised economic concerns. Though the supporters of the new technology argue that it has led to increased crop yields and alleviation of nutrition deficiencies, genetic modification has obviously caused more harm than good.

Introduction Genetically modified foods have been used widely in the 21st century and have splashed in the media lately. Public awareness groups and European environmental agencies have been frequently protesting against genetically modified foods and crops for years, and the latest controversial studies regarding the effects of GM corn pollen on sovereign butterfly caterpillars have prompted the issue of genetic engineering hence bringing it to the front position of public awareness in the United States.

GM foods have resulted to adverse effects especially in regard to environmental hazard, human health risk, and economic concerns. In respect to this, the government should discourage the growing of genetically modified crops and establish policies that ensure GM foods and crops are labelled Institute of Medicine U.

Committee on Identifying and Assessing Unintended Effects of Genetically Engineered Foods on Human Health 23 Literature Review Genetically modified foods and crops refer to plants scientifically created for animal or human consumption using the most recent molecular biology techniques. Basically, these crops are modified in the laboratory to improve nutritional content.

Traditionally, enhancement of plants nutritional content was achieved through breeding but such conventional crop breeding methods proved to be time consuming and not quite reliable in terms of accuracy Ferry and Gatehouse On the other hand, genetic engineering creates crops that rapidly exhibit the exact desired traits with great accuracy.


Consequently, the genetically-modified plant will become drought tolerant after acquiring the essential gene. Bt is a bacterium that occurs naturally and produces insect larvae lethal protein crystals.

Moreover, the Bt protein genes are transferred into corn, making it possible for the corn to generate pesticides of its own for instance the European corn borer Ferry and Gatehouse Pesticide resistant rape plant is on of the genetically modified crops.

Scientific researchers have introduced a foreign gene to the rape plant which gives the plant the capability to resist certain pesticides.

Genetically modified seeds essay

Consequently, a farmer is able to safely spray his genetically engineered rape plants with pesticides and destroying harmful pests without killing the crops.

However, there is a possibility that the introduced genes may be transferred to the pests hence making them resistant to the pesticide as well and the plant spray becomes ineffective Institute of Medicine U.

The navew weed acquires resistance to pesticides after gaining the introduced genes from the rape plants.

A genetically modified organism, or GMO, is an organism that has had its DNA altered or modified in some way through genetic engineering. In most cases, GMOs have been altered with DNA from. Genetically-modified foods/crops may be the potential solution to many of global malnutrition and hunger problems, and to aid in preserving and protecting the environment by minimizing dependence upon chemical herbicides and pesticides, and increasing crop yield. Buy a bag of Monsanto seed, and you'll get more than a bunch of genetically modified plant embryos — Monsanto provides detailed instructions about plant spacing, water and fertilizer use, plant.

Another example of GM crop is the golden rice which has been genetically engineered to increase its nutrition content by introducing an extra amount of vitamin A.

More precisely, golden rice contains the beta-carotene element which is converted into vitamin A by the human body. Beta-carotene is the element responsible for the orange colour found in carrots and the golden colour in this particular rice.

Books by reputable authors will be used to gather sufficient information on the topic. Additionally, relevant articles touching on the current progress of the new technology will also be used to realize recent discoveries. Discussion Natural breeding techniques have been used safely for the past numerous thousands of years.Genetically Modified Food (GM Food) Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been the center of focus and debate for over three decades.

Some scientists argue that GM food is the solution to two of the world’s major problems: an ever increasing global population, and hunger perpetuated by, among other factors, global warming. Essay Genetically Modified Organism and Monsanto; Monsanto is the largest agricultural company that specializes in both conventional and genetically modified organism (GMO) seeds and other products.

Overall Monsanto has tried to maintain a good ethical culture to their different stakeholders.

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Genetically Modified (GM) Food Essay Topics. As seeds and species. Genetically Modified Organisms have gradually become second nature in the U.S.

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Tomatoes, corns, berries, beans, it might surprise you that how many foods you are eating contains genetically. Genetically modified Seeds vs Organic Seeds Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) is one of the most important issues around the world. GMOs are special organisms in which the genetic material has been altered for faster growth, product quality, better pest and disease resistance and can grow in .

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