Beginning writing activities for first grade

I am sooooo sorry! It just seems as if I have been barely staying afloat this year.

Beginning writing activities for first grade

Kristen Smith We are down to 8 days left of school. Those days include 5 full days and three half days… amongst those days we will experience field day, our class party, the school wide awards ceremony, and our annual last day of school bounce house party.

beginning writing activities for first grade

One of the first things that we learned were the different zones in the ocean. To create the bottles, I filled my squeeze bottles with vegetable oil and dumped out half of the water in each bottle. Then my students added food coloring to the left over water in their bottles and then filled the rest of the bottle with the oil.

Using the squeeze bottle made it easy for the children to add the oil to their bottles. Once the bottle was filled, I sealed the bottle tightly and let the students explore with them. They shook the bottles with all their might and then discovered something miraculous!

As the oil and water settled in the bottles, they were able to point out the three different layers of the ocean! The top layer was the lightest and smallest area and therefore was the sunlit zone.

The next layer was a little bit darker in color. My students easily recognized it as the twilight zone. The last layer was the darkest layer and my students eagerly observed and named it the midnight zone!

The past week we focused on crustaceans. We were learning all about exoskeletons and how these animals have to molt in order to get bigger. I had gone to my local grocery store and asked them if I could use some lobsters to help make my ocean theme come to life for my students.

Luckily, the manager of the seafood department loves to help out in classrooms and gave me a great deal on two lobsters for my classroom! On Tuesday, my students arrived as usual, however, our morning work was very atypical. For morning work that day I told them that I had some creatures for them to explore.

beginning writing activities for first grade

We reviewed what we had learned the day before and my students had the opportunity to guess who our visitors were going to be for the day. I did not allow my students to HOLD the lobsters, however, I did let them touch their tails and I showed them the different parts of the lobsters.

I was able to show them up close the lobsters pinching claw, crushing claw, legs, antennae, exoskeleton, mouth, and tail. They observed them and asked questions about them for 45 minutes! We even put them on one of our tables and measured them!

Another FREE idea that you can use in our classroom is a measuring lesson that we completed last week. I placed different ocean creature cards and shells all around my classroom. I sat my students down and told them that we were going to do a measuring activity. I then told them that I was going to give them 20 minutes to measure as many objects as they could.

They were allowed to measure whatever they wanted in whatever order they wanted. The only rules were that they could not talk, they had to measure in inches and record each object in their notebook, and that they could only go to objects that were open. After I gave the directions, I started the timer and they got right to work.

They worked silently for 20 minutes and measured each object carefully. It was a great math extension that my students loved! You can use the free cards that I made last year by clicking on the picture below.

Or you could use real life shells! To record their work, I simply had them use their notebooks! We folded the page down the middle and recorded the objects on the left and the length on the right.

Super simple, and super easy! I hope that you are doing well! Also, make sure that you keep them in your refrigerator up until the point that you are going to take them out to show them to your class.With the back to school season quickly approaching, I wanted to put together a quick packet to help me organize my thoughts on some of the things I will need to do/teach at the beginning of the year.

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Hello Everyone! We had one of the best number sense weeks we've ever had! We worked very hard on number patterns up to Because we were also in the middle of a plant unit in science, I decided to use "Tops and Bottoms" by Janet Stevens, as a theme for some number pattern activities as well.

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In this ABC Order Center, you’ll find sets of animals cards grouped together by animal habitat/type. Some sets have animals that all begin with a different letter, and others have two or three words that begin with the same letter.

Doing activities with your children allows you to promote their reading and writing skills while having fun at the same time. These activities for pre-readers, beginning readers, and older readers includes what you need and what to do for each one.

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