Altoid tin projects

New SS Reciever kit to build.

Altoid tin projects

I like to build small electronics projects and like many others I have found the small Altoids tins to be excellent enclosures. These tins are inexpensive, well shielded, easy to work with, and least but not least they enable you to make experimental circuits that are sturdy enough that they can be reused later. Altoids are a brand of breath brand was created by the London-based Smith & Company in the s, and later became part of the Callard & Bowser company in the 19th advertising slogan is "The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints", referring to the high concentration of peppermint oil used in the original flavour lozenge. DIY LEGO Kit. Upcycled Altoids Tin Ideas. Creative hacks, tips and uses for travel, play, and display. #Altoids #AltoidsTin #AltoidsMints #Upcycle #upcycled #upcyclecrafts #AltoidsCrafts #Mintcase #MintTinCraft #upcycledaltoids.

Print the background graphics on regular printer paper. Click HERE to grab copies of these files: How to create an Altered Altoids Tin: The first problem with altering most Altoids tins these days is the embossed lid. But if what you have is a regular tin that has the embossed lid, you can easily take care of the problem.

Just trace the shape of the lid onto a sheet of sticky-backed foam with a ballpoint pen, and cut it out with scissors. Using a sanding block or a heavy duty emery board, smooth the edges of the foam to create a smooth transition between foam and metal: The foam sands very easily, leaving a smooth edge.

Bevel the edge slightly while sanding: Place the tin face down on your work surface. Place the Antique End Paper face down on top of it, and use your fingers to trace along the contours of the bottom of the box.

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Carefully cut the paper along the crease you just made. Dry-fit your lower lining piece, and make any necessary adjustments: Following the same procedures, create a panel that will cover the inner lid, and the inner sides of the base.

Do not add paper to the inner sides of the lid, as this will make it impossible to close your tin properly.

Altoid tin projects

Use rubbing alcohol to clean your fingers. Carefully place your background papers onto the glue, and smooth with your fingers or a tool. Repeat the same procedure for the sides of the bottom, and the interior of the lid: Cut out and round the corners: Glue down, using the same slightly watery mixture of glue, and smooth into place: Apply extra glue to the edges of the fun foam, and coax the paper to follow the curve by pressing firmly with your fingers.

Once the glue has dried, gently sand the edges to smooth them: Either measure and cut, or use the finger-tip-creasing method to create strips to cover the exterior sides.The Altoids Surprise Noise Maker is a great project for all ages, but younger kids will need help from adults to wind it up.

Make this fun project to give someone you know a sonic surprise! Feb 26,  · And here's what you'll need: Mod Podge (I prefer Matte Finish), an old ink pad, heavy scrapbook paper (for this tin, I used paper from Graphic 45), a sharp exacto blade, an inexpensive sponge brush, a straight edge, a ruler, a brayer if you have one, and an empty Altoid tin.

Find a list of many Altoid Tin Crafts and Tutorials! Altoids Tin Electronics Lab (open) This is a small electronics lab in an altoids tin. It contains nearly everything to work on small projects, such as a breadboard, components (including several ICs), and a adjustable power 22K.

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For a complete list of banners for WikiProject Food and drink and its child projects, select here. Is the Wintergreen Altoids tin the most appropriate image to lead this article. This was a craft project that I had been wanting to do for a long time.


It took awhile to empty one of those Altoid tins because it was well hidden in my purse and they are so curiously strong that the kids won't steal and eat them all in one sitting even if they do find them.

27 Awesome Altoid Tin Projects You Need to Try