Alexander the great personality essay

Alexander the Great I was very intimidated to even start writing about the greatest military genius ever, but I found courage in the history of Alexander. Even his legend can still inspire; it inspired me to write.

Alexander the great personality essay

Alexander the Great History Essay Three: Alexander the Great Who wrote a biography on Alexander the Great? Plutarch wrote a biography on Alexander the Great.

Plutarch called his books Parallel Lives since he would compare one famous Greek man to one famous Roman man. We actually have pretty thorough documentations on Alexander the Great and this allows us to understand his role in society including his personality and how he impacted culture.

Athens and Thebes One of the reasons his army originally like Alexander so much was due to: Aristotle served as attacher for Alexander, teaching him many things. Aristotle was the person who gave Alexander his copy of the Iliad. Alexander treasured this book because he saw it as a valuable piece of military knowledge.

Among the most important things Aristotle taught him was how to practice medicine. Once Alexander himself became a general himself this knowledge became very handy. One of the main reasons why him being able to practice medicine was so important is because it allowed him to gain popularity with his soldiers and made his soldiers very faithful to him.

Who gave Alexander his copy of The Iliad and why did he think it was valuable? Aristotle gave it to him, he thought it was valuable because it had a lot of military knowledge. Alexander was smart and courageous: Describe a story that provides an example of his intelligence and bravery: The story of his horse: Alexander was very smart and courageous another contributing factor.

When Alexander was a boy he tamed a horse that no one else could. When his horse eventually died he built a city around the buried horse. Persia Why did he want to conquer Persia? He wanted to do this because Ancient Greece and Ancient Persia were ancient enemies, always fighting against each other.

He believed that if he could create a huge empire through conquering them both it would be very powerful since all the people that used to fight against each other would become subjects to his kingdom. What happened during the Battle in Persia? When Alexander won Darius fled even though Alexander wanted him to be a mentor but a traitor in the Persian army beheaded the king.

When the traitor came to Alexander with his head Alexander was very upset because he had other plans. He wanted to seem like a noble king, a lawful king so he cut the head off of this traitor.

Alexander The Great Essay: Why Was Asia Only Conquered?

After Persia where did Alexander go? Why did Alexander want to untie the Gordian knot? So that he could conquer the word. Why did he believe that sex and sleep were bad? Alexander was very motivated in his quest to conquer the world and believed that sleep and sex made him mortal something he was trying to avoid.May 28,  · Alexander the great is commonly remembered as a conqueror but his real motives of war are to liberate the countries and exchange cultural experience with them.

Alexander the great personality essay

Alexander never lost a single battle in 15 years of war. HOME Free Essays Was Alexander the Great Really Great. Was Alexander the Great Really Great Essay David Mallot diagnosed Alexander, not as great, but as a psychopathic goal driven killer, with a narcissistic personality disorder.

Alexander the great was a power hungry megalomaniac, whose sole purpose was to conquer as much land as he could.

His personality was very complex he wanted peace yet he was in many wars. He was passionate and impulsive, he wanted power and he was also a very brave man. Related Essays: What are aspects of greek architecture Where do the Athens live How did the use of the Navy speed up or slow down [ ].

Hammond has written three books about Alexander the Great making him an expert, and his views are more favorable than Rice’s. I found three very interesting things in Hammond’s writing about Alexander’s personal qualities, competitiveness, and beliefs.

On June 13, BC, Alexander the Great died suddenly in Babylon. “Alexander’s death, symbolically marking the end of an era, evoked an eruption of sorrow among Macedonians and Persians alike” (Nawotka ). As a result, the huge country disintegrated after his death.

Alexander the Great had a lot to owe to his family, thanks to their influence he gained the desire to become a conqueror and a successful men during his lifetime he achieved enormous that made him remarkable throughout history.

Alexander The Great Essay: Why Was Asia Only Conquered?