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And later he added Adjourning. Personality clashes sometimes may become issues. It is important when developing teams to recruit staff with the relevant skills and expertise required and new team members should be inducted in a way that they understand the team working principles and what their roles are so they can quickly fit in as part of the team.

510 lead and manage a team

Other industries Heavy Industry Consulting on a Wide Variety of Projects We characterize complex often multi variable problems, design tests to diagnose the root cause of the issue, and to provide engineered solutions See Manufacturing and Plant Process.

Often times vibration problems and acoustic noise problems can be very complex and subtle. As a result, it is often our role as the Vibration Consultant, or Acoustic Noise Consultant, to perform vibration analysis, vibration testing, acoustic analysis and acoustic testing to develop an understanding of the problem and to provide a means for the rest of the design team to directly visualize the problem, whether it is the vibration deformation mode shapes associated with problem resonances, or with the distribution of the acoustic noise power radiating from a complex product.

Once the design team can visualize the problem, developing the solution becomes much more straightforward.

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It is a little like the children's party game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey; Our job, as the Vibration Consultant or Acoustic Noise Consultant, is to take the blindfold off of the design team so that they can easily hit the target, instead of the frustrating, time-consuming and expensive, trial-and-error process that the team had been struggling at when blindfolded.

We enjoy doing this work well because we are well grounded 510 lead and manage a team basic applied physics, digital signal processing, structural dynamics and vibro-acoustics, and how they relate to system and facility vibration and acoustic noise issues on a myriad of levels.

We are expert vibration consultants in resonance testing, Modal AnalysisOperating Defection Shape Testing ODSsteady state and transient analysiswith literally decades of experience developing our detailed methodologies that produce meaningful results.

These FRF measurements form the basis of modal analysis and the theory of linear system structural dynamics. We are fluent in spectral analysis and the digital signal processing inherent in the vibration analysis measurement process, and thus we can spot problems before they corrupt a whole dataset, or an entire project.

Tools of the Trade for Structural Dynamics Testing Non-linearities exist in all physical structures and are often not a problem. However, when they are involved, we know how to spot them and deal with these unique dynamics.

We have refined these vibration consulting skills for more than 30 years. The physical principles of structural dynamics, acoustics, optics, and thermodynamics apply to structures and systems large and small.

The wide variety of our projects keeps our work interesting, after all these years, even as we apply the same fundamentals again and again. Meaningful Test Data, Knowing Good Data From Bad We use our vibration testing and noise testing expertise, as well as various methods of analytic, computer modeling and Finite Element Analysis FEA to make sense of the complex vibration problems and noise problems, thereby enabling efficient solutions.

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The Most Important Step We know from our extensive experience as Vibration Consultants and as Acoustic Consultants that the initial assessment is critical to asking the right questions at the start of investigation.

These questions will lead to a set of initial hypotheses about the issues at hand. A sound foundation of vibration and acoustci noise theory, basic physics, strong mechanical intuition, and years of structural dynamics experience are necessary to design an effective set of tests.

The limitations of where instrumentation can be placed, the inherent sensor limitations, and the impact on the system dynamics need to be considered. Thus, designing the experimental setup to extract meaningful vibration analysis and acoustic analysis results is perhaps the most important step in solving a pressing issue where time, patience, and resources are in short supply.

This is very important. We test and analyze the change in dynamics we are trying to create in real-time, on site, and often make changes to our experimental test plan on the fly as we discover how a system is actually behaving.

In doing so we often get meaningful results from which we can make sound engineering decisions in a short time frame.

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We do NOT make measurements and spit out data. We focus on the important dynamic parameters of the system and its boundary conditions, and design tests to prove or disprove hypotheses. When performing vibration analysis and vibration testing, there are countless ways to create erroneous results.

It takes effort and experience to extract meaningful results, interpret them, and then engineer creative and sound solutions. Whether it involves testing in the cleanroom instrumenting a delicate optical interferometer using a tiny non-contact capacitive sensor, or climbing through a power plant structure running hundreds of feet of cable to an accelerometer array to troubleshoot a Turbine Isolation Issuewe often employ many of the same principles, concepts, and methodologies of vibration analysis and acoustic analysis.

As Vibration Consultants and as Acoustic Consultants we use our specialized skill set, and a vast selection of instrumentation that we have collected for over 3 decades, to design tests and solve complex problems. Multi-Variable Testing Multivariable testing is usually necessary to really get a handle on an issue involving multiple disciplines of physics.

We design tests to measure static and dynamic strain, acoustic noise static and dynamic pressure, vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement, magnetic field, temperature, fluid flow, and light intensity, to name a few. Real world problems involving the measurement of multiple variables require an understanding of the physics of the coupling between them, as well as the physics and limitations of the measurement instrumentation.

510 lead and manage a team

Problems in different frequency ranges necessitate unique approaches involving instrument selection, mounting dynamics, cabling, and coupling with other structures and media.

Multi-variable Testing Measurements of Ambient Acoustic Noise, Floor Vibration, and the Frequency Response of the Semiconductor Tool Response Showing Resonances that Dictate the Disturbance Response of the Tool to the Environment For instance, when a consumer product is too noisy, a bedside medical device for example, in addition to the acoustic analysis and testing, thermal analysis and heat flow optimization of the cooling system will often be part of the acoustic solution, in addition to surface damping treatmentsmotor vibration isolation, etc.

In debugging scanning electron microscopes SEMs issues, disturbances due to acoustic excitation, floor vibration, control instability, frame resonances, thermal drift, and magnetic field all superimpose to create a confounding image disturbance.

Additionally, each of these disturbances can be aliased. We have years of experience untangling overlapping disturbances involving multiple sources to make the issue understandable, and allow for educated decisions when weighing different solution strategies.

We do this prototype testing carefully, with more than 30 years of structural dynamics and acoustics experience as vibration consultants, always working hard to test and keep an accurate understanding of the current system dynamics and the boundary conditions associated with our vibration testing and vibration analysis as we make changes.

Tuned Mass Damper Design for Biotech Optical Tool However, as so often happens to our clients, when quick and dirty fixes are attempted by other engineers with little structural dynamics experience, confusion, delay, and uncertainty regarding the design of the experiment often result.

A faulty vibration test often leads to the wrong conclusion and drives the wrong action path away from a good solution. Valuable development time is often wasted, and the issue soon becomes an emergency.

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For more detailed breakdown of this See our discussion on Product and Facility Emergencies.Never get bogged down by the sheer number of leads to handle.

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